Tablet Ordering Solution Showcases Menu and Wine List

| July 25, 2013

AIDA Bistro & Wine Bar, an award‐winning family‐owned and operated restaurant located in Columbia, Maryland, specializes in classic Italian favorites as well as an eclectic mix of non‐traditional entrees and small plates from a variety of culinary and cultural backgrounds. Its FARM 2 TABLE initiative continues to feature locally produced items from local farms and producers.

What makes AIDA Bistro & Wine Bar stand out from its competition is its Wine on Tap System featuring 30 different wines, making it the largest of its kind in Maryland and second largest in the U.S. The wine kegs in the dispensing system are reusable and have saved in its first year approximately 7000 bottles, corks and various other packaging materials from pilling up into landfills.

Besides being environmentally friendly and supporting the local community of farmers and suppliers, AIDA Bistro & Wine Bar is also acclaimed for both its excellent food and guest service by both Baltimore Magazine and Howard Magazine.

AIDA Bistro & Wine Bar management had several areas they wished to improve upon. First, was enhancing the guest experience with a digital menu that showcased both its extensive wine offering and specials. Second was incorporating a digital menu that integrates right into Aida’s Point‐of‐Service systems and updates orders in real‐time. Thirdly, was catering to a younger generation of customers craving the latest technology, and finally, they wanted to be able to gauge the success of promotions and create targeted marketing campaigns.

Finding an all-in-one solution
AIDA Bistro & Wine Bar launched MICROS mymenu, an end‐to-end, fully integrated iPad menu and guest engagement solution. Guests can now easily select their desired menu items from their table in the restaurant’s lounge area and rest assured that their order is placed and minutes away from being enjoyed.

AIDA Bistro & Wine Bar sought to enhance the guest experience with a tablet‐based menu that showcased both its extensive wine offering and daily specials, as well as created an interactive experience for guests dining in its casual lounge area. “Since we offer a variety of food and beverage items, including a wine list with 30 different Wines on Tap and an extensive bottle list and many craft beers, we wanted to showcase our menu in a way that was easy to view yet memorable for the customer,” stated Joe and Mary Barbera, owners of AIDA Bistro & Wine Bar. “Our younger generation of customers crave technology and we aimed to cater to this audience, particularly during our Happy Hour.”

In order to give guests freedom to place orders and browse promotions from an iPad‐based menu, AIDA required a solution that seamlessly integrated into the complete operational flow of the restaurant. A pertinent requirement for its tablet‐based menu was that it functioned seamlessly with AIDAS’s MICROS Point‐of‐Service (POS) solutions and could update orders in real‐time. This would allow for both guests and waiters to place and update orders all on the same check, as well as pay and close the check via the iPad or POS. The tablet‐based menu also needed to work seamlessly with its MICROS Kitchen Display Systems and printers , ensuring that chefs, kitchen staff, and bartenders are on top of the latest menu item orders.

AIDA Bistro & Wine Bar launched MICROS mymenu, an end‐to‐end, fully integrated iPad‐based menu and guest engagement solution. Guests can now easily select their desired menu items from their table in the Wine Bar area and rest assured that their order is placed and minutes away from being enjoyed. MICROS mymenu functions seamlessly with AIDA’s MICROS Kitchen Display System (KDS), MICROS 3700 Point‐of‐Sale (POS) System as well as printers, ensuring that when a food and beverage order is placed, it is updated immediately in all required systems.

Complete customer engagement
Fully integrated with the AIDA Bistro & Wine Bar’s MICROS 3700 POS System and its MICROS KDS, the mymenu application allows guests to begin a check on the iPad, order desired items, and then add additional items to the same guest check at a later point. All orders placed from the mymenu application are processed at the bar and kitchen printers or on the MICROS KDS just as an order placed through the MICROS workstation would be. The guest can retrieve check details from the iPad at any time during the visit, viewing full item details of the check and the total price of items ordered. The ability to add tips and pay the check via the tablet is also an available feature. AIDA Bistro & Wine Bar had several reasons as to why it found its ideal solution with MICROS.

“MICROS is the leader in the industry and we wanted to work with a dependable and reliable company. I was familiar with MICROS Systems from prior experience with its solutions and from then on held a high regard for its products,” stated Joe Barbera, Co‐owner of Aida Bistro & Wine Bar. “The MICROS mymenu displays our promotions, showing the selection of items offered and associated prices. The order is conveniently processed just as any other at the MICROS POS workstation, easing the learning curve when implementing tablets.”

MICROS’s mymenu speeds up the ordering process during AIDA Bistro & Wine Bar’s high demand hours, ensuring that all of its guests are catered to. It also propels marketing initiatives and happy hour promotions by showcasing these through MICROS mymenu, making it easy to gage the success of such promotions. In addition, the convenience of starting the check from the tablet allows the guest and the server to both reference a single check and easily change items or review totals. Both AIDA’s guests and employees have the best of both worlds with the added convenience that MICROS mymenu has provided them. Most importantly, AIDA Bistro & Wine Bar now has a tablet‐based menu that fits into its business model for continued superior guest experience and environmental friendly operations.  

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