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The House that Tech Builds


While many organizations are outsourcing technology as a way to reduce the cost and complexity of managing their infrastructure, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts is strengthening in-house technology resources. The company is bringing in developers, analysts and more, to develop a hospitality platform that will enable rapid innovation and a competitive edge. This approach, according to Hyatt CTO Matt O'Keefe, empowers a company to deploy technology quickly and to scale; and creates a closer link between the guest and the brand. In an exclusive interview with HT, O'Keefe talks about Hyatt's technology approach and the new hospitality platform that will roll out later this year.


Devouring Data


Software has become a necessary tool in competitive differentiation, and it's invaluable to creating a unique hotel experience. As more data points are used to gather guest information, hospitality must look to developing the "problem" of gathering as much data as possible. Having this data will lead to more pressure on software developers to enable easy access and analysis.

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Restaurants Add Free Wi-Fi to the Menu


Besides allowing restaurants to better satisfy customers' mobile connectivity needs, boost sales and cultivate repeat business, free Wi-Fi helps attract patrons who might otherwise dine elsewhere. In an effort to satisfy the growing number of customers that expect Wi-Fi access everywhere, operators are adding the amenity while also finding bottom line benefits.

Intelligent Biz:

Navigating Healthcare Reform with Technology


The passing of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has brought with it tangible workforce management issues. As new mandates and regulations force operators to focus on tracking, reporting, and proactive scheduling, technology companies are offering more robust systems to help manage the added responsibilities.

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Turning Guest Data into Marketing ROI


Paytronix's head of data insights, Lee Barnes shares how effective targeting and analysis of customer information can yield actionable marketing insights. Sponsored.

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How Hotels will Boost Bandwidth in 2015


Hotels rank bandwidth as the number two tech priority for 2015. This infographic shows how hotels will upgrade and price their bandwidth to meet growing consumer expectations and demands in the year ahead. Sponsored.


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