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Business First, Technology Follows


Church's Chicken CIO Marcus Wasdin takes a decidedly business-centric approach to technology design to lead the 63-year old brand into a digital future. The company is focusing on a global standards technology guide and digital initiative in 2015, and has eyes on the promise of Internet of Things for a wealth of operational efficiencies. In this exclusive interview with HT, Wasdin talks about the company's tech priorities in 2015, and offers a prescription for avoiding the anti-innovation ailment he's dubbed "IT Guy Syndrome."


20 Years Later, What Matters at MURTEC


Through its 20 year history, MURTEC has endured as the event for peer-to-peer interaction that fosters insightful conversations between operators and technology suppliers. From humble beginnings with only a couple hundred attendees to today's attendance that numbers 500+, MURTEC's growth mirrors the explosive changes and opportunities happening in restaurant technology.

Property Wide:

Hotel Wi-Fi Focus: Access & Security


Reliable and accessible Internet is a top priority for hotels. Guests are often traveling with multiple Wi-Fi devices, and consumption continues to increase. Hotels agree that investing in a bigger pipe, however, is no longer enough. The next adaptions focus on more robust access points, and better security.

Vantage Point:

Balancing Customer Service with Next-Gen Automation


Glenn Withiam, director of publications, Cornell Center for Hospitality Research, offers insights from a new study that details the importance of combining the latest technological capabilities with personalized service to foster true customer satisfaction.

Sponsored Case Study:

Nothing to Find, Nothing to Steal Strategy Secures Payments for QSR


With nine decades of brand equity at risk, White Castle wanted to find a solution to put them at the forefront of security. The goal was to find a solution to help protect the brand from breaches and reduce the costs associated with proving PCI compliance. A multi-layered payment security solution from Elavon helps White Castle reduce risk of breaches. Sponsored.

Point of Sale:

EMV Countdown is On: Get Prepped


HT takes a look at what hotel and restaurant operators should be doing to ready organizations for the EMV liability shift and offers four considerations for hotels and restaurants to prep for the next phase of payment security. Hint: drop the misconceptions and give tech partners a not-so-gentle push.

Feature Stories:

MURTEC in Review Recaps Session Highlights & Key Takeaways


Celebrating its 20th anniversary, the 2015 installment of MURTEC® delivered an insightful agenda focused around the theme, 20/20 Vision: Inspiring the Future of Restaurant Innovation. Whether you missed the show this year, or simply couldn’t see it all, HT has you covered with a collection of session highlights and key takeaways.


2015 Point of Sale Tech Showcase


The point of sale is a top investment areas for restaurants with a third of foodservice IT budgets allotted to POS tech. HT's annual POS Showcase updates buyers on the latest hardware and software releases. This year's installation highlights new offerings in mobile, cloud-based and integrated solutions, plus much more. Sponsored.


2015 Restaurant Executive Summit