Cover Story:

Building a Roadmap to Revenue


G6 Hospitality, parent company of Motel 6 and Studio 6, has embarked upon a complete revamping of its digital ecosystem in order to truly enable the customer journey and experience. In an exclusive interview with HT, EVP & CMO, Lance Miceli, talks about this overhaul of technology platforms and processes, including the creation of the company’s proprietary revenue optimization workspace, G6ROW, which combines machine logic with human interpretation to offer a more complete picture of distribution, rates and booking.


Going Beyond Machine Logic


Hospitality Technology's new editor, Dorothy Creamer, discusses why removing friction from the customer experience is so important.

Property Wide:

Mobility Holds Key to Next-Gen Room Access


HT's Lodging Technology Study, reveals that mobile solutions dominated technology rollouts for 2016 with half of the top solutions having a mobile component. Mobile key deployments, however, still lag behind guest expectations. While 53% of guests want to be able to use smartphones as mobile keys, according to the 2016 Customer Engagement Technology Study, only 12% of hotels currently offer the technology. In this article, HT identifies the ways hotels could stand out from the competition by tapping into the full potential of mobile keys beyond just guestroom access.

Vantage Point:

3 Ways Tablets Deliver on Experience


The CEO of Saint Marc Pub – Café, Bakery & Cheese Affinage, details how the company departed from traditional service methods and instead allows guests to choose how much human interaction they want. Using tabletop digital menus, the company can offer guests seamless hassle-free purchasing, entertainment, and can even capture feedback before the dining experience ends.

Point of Sale:

What's Hot in POS Hardware: 2016 Innovations & 2017 Insights


After several years of a decline, hardware budget allocations spiked in 2016 according to HT's Restaurant Technology Study, most likely as a result of restaurants upgrading payment terminals and POS hardware in response to the EMV liability shift. Security, mobility and shifting business models are driving the need for innovation at the point of sale, and suppliers are responding to the need for flexibility. In this annual round-up of POS hardware and peripherals, HT asked vendors to highlight latest releases, share 2017 research and development plans, plus make predictions about what the future holds for the POS market.


Mobile Tech Showcase


Innovative solutions that make restaurants and hotels flexible, functional and mobile-first are important to consumers. Sponsored.

The Hotel of the Future


How mobility, data and connectivity will ultra-personalize the next-gen hotel experience.

HTNG Checks In:

The Hotel Data Security Problem: Bigger Than Many Think


Hotels insecurely store lots of guest data that is also considered to be personally identifiable information (PII) and subject to privacy laws. HTNG's newly formed HTNG PII Workgroup not only helps define PII for the industry but also is working to collect and categorize identifiers and develop a code of conduct to protect owners, brands, guests and staff from stolen PII.


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