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POS Software Trend Report 2015


In this annual report, Hospitality Technology investigates the trends and business drivers that are shaping the point of sale landscape. By querying the vendor community, HT recaps the latest innovations, reveals forward-looking plans for technology offerings in 2015, and gleans insights into what trends these suppliers impacting the POS. Also included are the results of the POS Software Reader Survey, where operators reveal plans for investment and features they are looking for in upgrades. Overwhelmingly, both operators and vendors agree the POS has been forever changed by the emergence of new mobile payment methods and the call for greater security – particularly as it relates to the EMV liability shift.


Is ROI Holding You Back?


Solving the ROI challenge should be a key objective for technology and marketing executives in 2015.

Speed & Service:

5 Must-Haves for Next-Gen Catering


As more restaurants and hotels offer catering services, technology plays an integral role in maintaining top-notch service while increasing revenue. It is essential for operators to evaluate the catering process and determine where and what technology can be used to increase value to customers. HT shares five key elements that operators should consider as must-haves for catering technologies.

Vantage Point:

Reaping Rewards of Shared Services


Michael Cullen, SVP, shared services for Marriott Business Services reveals how a shared service model can help hospitality move past implementation challenges, driving efficiencies and improving outcomes.

HT Events:

Marketing, Operations and Technology Collide at Restaurant Executive Summit


The 10th installment of the Restaurant Executive Summit put a laser focus on how to improve connections not only with guests, but with staff as well. Crafted under the theme of "Feeding Consumers with a #Digital @ppetite," the Summit armed attendees with truly actionable strategies over the course of three days of networking and educational sessions and workshops.

Sponsored Research:

POS Innovator Quiz: How Does Your Restaurant Measure Up?


Take this quiz about your current and planned POS innovations. Add up your points up to see how your company measures up against industry trends, and find out if you're a POS innovator, follower or laggard. Sponsored.


2015 Lodging Technology Study


HT's annual Lodging Technology Study tracks budgets, business objectives, and investment allocation trends in hotel IT. This report incorporates feedback from hoteliers to produce a comprehensive and useful set of findings, diving significantly deeper into top goals and challenges for IT teams, the role of IT leaders in business strategy and planned investments for in-room, guest-facing and property systems. Sponsored.


2015 Multi-Unit Restaurant Technology Conference
2015 Hotel Technology Forum