Synergy International Releases New Versions of Data Warehousing Solution

| September 24, 2008

Synergy International announces the opening of a new data center that is ideal for rental or catering companies. It features programs operating as Software as a Service (SaaS) known as Synergy as a Service. Software as a Service is when a software vendor places full versions of their software on servers owned by the vendor for the use of subscribers. With SaaS IT, activities are managed from one central location rather than at each business. Operators can access their program with their data across the Internet.

The data is stored in one of the only commercially available data centers this is built to Department of Defense (DoD) standards for a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF). In addition to continuous backups and well-designed data restoration procedures, offsite data storage ensures sensitive customer information isn't lost.

Traditionally, businesses license software to reside on their hardware with-in their facility to serve the needs of the business. They might use it to run their sales and operational activities along other applications. This could even include multiple servers and in some larger business even in-house IT staff. With this approach even the smallest business with finite needs requires somebody in their organization to make sure that the systems are working well. It also requires that a normal business person makes sure all licenses are legal and maintained.

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