Renasis Releases Outdoor SAP36g High Powered Access Point

| September 30, 2008

Renasis, LLC, a technology provider specializing in the design, development and manufacture of wireless communications products, now offers the Outdoor SAP36g, the rugged all-weather version of its popular and powerful indoor 820 mW radio.

The Outdoor SAP36g features a true 820 mW radio with outstanding speed, penetration, and reliability, coupled with a light weight, durable die cast aluminum, IP69 rated housing for rigidity and longevity. This outdoor unit features UV/weatherproof paint, a waterproof hermetic seal with EPDM rubberized gasket, built-in heat sink for heat transfer, a NEMA 6 rating, and material compatibility for corrosion resistance. Flexible mounting options, including wall mount or incrementally adjustable pole mount, are available. Optional hinges maintain weatherproof integrity.

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