Granbury Restaurant Solutions Enhances Mobile Restaurant Ordering App

| April 23, 2012

The Granbury Restaurant Solution’s mobile ordering app software provides restaurants an individualized, branded, downloadable app that is tied to their GRS online ordering system. Each app is customized for the individual restaurant and features a store locator tied to the phone GPS, easy re-order of the customer’s favorite meals, and quick access to customize a new order.   
Since its initial release in late 2010, the app has been tremendously popular for restaurant clients using the GRS online ordering solution. Restaurants can promote their app for direct download from their website Facebook page or QR code in the restaurant, without having to go through the app store(s).
Because the app works via the online ordering system, it is simple to set up and maintain and with orders delivered directly to the integrated POS system, kitchen printer, or e-mail, restaurant owners enjoy improved operational efficiency.

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