Bartech and Inncom Partner to Provide Smart Controls for Minibars

| January 21, 2013

Bartech has announced a partnership with INNCOM and certified integration with the company's INNcontrol 3 system. INNCOM develops, manufactures, and markets advanced guestroom control systems for the global lodging industry. The Bartech INNCOM partnership will give hotels access to a rooms control system that controls in-room minibars along with various other technologies, in order to maximize operations and minimize costs.

INNCOM's INNcontrol 3 system is specifically designed to communicate with intelligent guestroom devices such as Bartech minibars. The system reports on room occupancy, network connectivity and equipment run-time, which helps in a property's preventative maintenance processes, as well as tracking the energy savings being achieved.
Additionally, INNcontrol™ 3 communicates with other hotel server-based systems, such as the property-management system, building-automation systems, central electronic-locking systems and work order systems.  

As an integrated technology partner, Bartech's automated minibars can be deployed on the existing IT infrastructure of a hotel using INNCOM room controls. This not only makes minibar operations more streamlined and efficient, but also makes installation much quicker, easier and more cost-effective, since no additional wiring is required for deployment. INNCOM primarily relies on ZigBee state-of-the-art wireless communication technology to integrate with a hotel's disparate systems on a common network. Bartech offers a choice of standalone ZigBee wireless network, WiFi, coax cable, twisted pair or Ethernet for server communication with its automatic minibars. 

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