60+ Southeast Burger King Locations Complete POS Installations

| December 16, 2008

The Burger King franchisee, Goldco LLC, announces the completion of a successful rollout and installation of Radiant's Aloha QuickService Point of Sale and MenuLink.NET back office solution in more than 60 Burger King restaurant locations across Alabama, Georgia and Florida.

"Radiant's ability to deliver a fully integrated solution that combines a powerful POS, centrally hosted back office, and cutting edge innovations such as biometric security sets them apart in the industry," says Fred Beilstein Jr., managing director of Atlanta-based Equicorp Investment Partners, LLC, owner of Goldco LLC. "Their products and history of success with the Burger King brand made them the ideal provider of our restaurant technology."

The completion of the Goldco rollout brings the overall Radiant install base to 1,000 of the more than 1,200 installed and committed sites with franchisees of Burger King Corp. in the United States and around the world. The full solution for Goldco includes Aloha POS, MenuLink back office and Radiant P1220 POS terminals equipped with biometric readers. The biometric readers will allow restaurant associates to log in to the terminals quickly with the touch of a finger, improving speed of service at the POS and providing the operator with increased security. The end-to-end solution also will provide real-time order flow from the POS to kitchen monitors, high-speed credit card processing, seamless integration with above-store accounting systems, and centrally managed menu items, pricing and promotions for all restaurants.

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