Hilton Waikoloa Village Enhances Reservation Processes Property Wide

When the Hilton Waikoloa Village's needs surpassed the capabilities of its custom in-house software, staff needed a new solution to manage reservations for multiple on-property restaurants, dining events and guest tours. After reviewing several options, they implemented ReServe Interactive's Dining Reservations and Table Management software and the Events with Reservations add-on module.

Innovative Technology Benefits the Hospitality Industry

In the current climate of reduced revenues and cutbacks in expenditures, introducing new products to the hospitality market is more difficult than ever. First View Security's white paper, Innovative Technology Benefits the Hospitality Industry, provides examples of how hotel industry leaders are using technology innovations to differentiate their properties, and how these efforts can improve the bottom line.

Leveraging Technology in a Down Economy: Managing Costs and IT Investments so You Emerge Stronger When Times Improve

In tough times, retailers and hospitality organizations may see IT investments as a logical target for belt-tightening. But technology investments that streamline operational efficiency, improve profit margins and boost customer service capabilities can both mitigate the worst effects of economic downturns and position organizations to rebound more quickly when times begin to improve.

Real Security and PCI Compliance Simplified

Shift4's white paper, Tokenization In Depth, focuses on the benefits of Tokenization for the storage of Cardholder Data (CHD) as compared to encryption. Readers will learn how Shift4's PABP validated 4Go helps merchants simplify PCI compliance and create Real Security. Tokenization can be easily implemented and installed for current and legacy applications so that the POS/PMS applications no longer store cardholder data.
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