NorthStar Recipe Viewer Serves Up A Tasty ROI

Learn about the multi-dimensional software from CBS that instantly deploys recipes, updates, training and more straight from headquarters into kitchens, prep areas and manager offices at every restaurant in the chain. In the process, Recipe Viewer also serves a healthy portion of ROI for multi-unit operators.

6 Keys to Picking the Right POS for your Restaurant

It's not uncommon today to find restaurant chains using a mix of POS systems as varied as their menus: old and new, open source and proprietary, cloud and on-premise. These diverse IT environments can work for some operations, but they're not right for every organization. This whitepaper outlines six factors to consider in choosing the POS approach that is right for your restaurant.

Determine the Real Cost of IT Purchases to Yield the Greatest ROI

When purchasing software applications, the true cost of ownership doesn't always end at the price tag. Don't get stuck in a money pit. Download this article to learn about:
  • What to consider when evaluating TCO in addition to the initial outlay
  • Budgeting tips and best practices
  • How other restaurateurs approach TCO

How the Most Efficient Restaurants Keep Hostess, Kitchen and POS in Lock-Step

ConnectSmart solutions from QSR Automations ensure the highest level of profit and productivity through smooth kitchen operations, order accuracy, and efficient seating. By putting servers, hosts, managers and kitchen staff in constant contact, ConnectSmart capitalizes on every transaction, reservation and up-to-the-minute change, to ensure that every guest has a memorable and positive experience.

Energize Your Business With Managed Services

Customers want information transparency -- they want their hotel experience to be customized to meet their preferences and needs -- and they want to stay connected using any device from anywhere within the facility. Managed services can help meet these needs, helping hotels provide an efficient network infrastructure to carry their information quickly, reliably and securely.

Cenium in Partnership with Microsoft Implements a Fully Integrated ERP Solution Into one of Ontario's Busiest Resorts

Blue Mountain, an all-seasons resort in Collingwood, Ont., became the first North American property to deploy Cenium's one-view ERP solution in late 2009. Built on the Microsoft Dynamics (NAV) platform, Cenium eliminates dozens of disparate and legacy-based systems for the hospitality industry. Since Cenium runs on a Microsoft platform, most employees benefit from a familiar user interface.

The Ultimate Protection for Retail Systems

Hospitality and retail are the #1 and #2 industries victimized by breach, according to the 2011 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report. In today's world, you need to safeguard your sensitive customer data and protect your corporate reputation with a proactive approach that stops targeted attacks and eliminates tampering and malware. Download this case study to see how one major retail chain took these steps and at the same time reduced the number of technologies required to meet PCI compliance.

A Decade After Their First Appearance Are Tableside Ordering and Payment Solutions Ready for Prime Time?

The renewed interest in tableside ordering and payment solutions may seem to simply be a reflection of the ubiquitous mobility trend but in truth reflects a real need that has thus far gone unmet. In this age of mobility will the tableside ordering and payment solutions available finally be able to meet the unique challenges of the hospitality industry? Read the White Paper to learn more.

Hospitality Enterprises: Differentiate and Drive Revenue Growth with AT&T Network and Mobility Solutions

Hospitality enterprises seeking to increase revenue generation, improve operational efficiency and enhance the guest experience are exploring the convenience and personalization capabilities of guest-facing mobile device applications as well as advanced role-specific functions for their own employees' mobile devices. AT&T offers a wide range of hospitality-specific solutions, plus strong network support and strategic business and IT consulting services.
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