Wi-Fi & the Bottom Line: Forrester Measures Impact of Connectivity on Hotel Guest Satisfaction & Staff Productivity

6/6/2013 2:00:00 PM (EST) 60 mins In 2013, hotel customer satisfaction scores fell. Dissatisfaction with internet access played a significant role in pulling those numbers down. Solid, reliable and secure Wi-Fi access has become paramount for hotels. In today’s highly mobilized culture, Wi-Fi impacts not only the guest experience, but also a hotel’s greater ability to enable its associates and leverage optimized technology across the property.

To better understand current imperatives in hotel Wi-Fi, Motorola Solutions commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct research with both hotel guest and staff regarding the importance of wireless internet access to guests and its priority in the development plans of the facilities. Some of the highlights discovered:
  • Overwhelmingly customers want Wi-Fi connections and wish it was a feature all hotels had
  • Over 25% of business travelers won’t stay at a hotel if Wi-Fi isn’t availablein their hotel room
  • Less than half of customers say guest wireless service is an easy service to use
  • Guest interactions with wireless holds the top three spots in mobility challenges
Join our panel with Motorola Solutions and Forrester Research for a live webinar discussing these results.

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Abigail Lorden, Editor-in-Chief, Hospitality Technology


Andre Kindness, Principal Analyst - Infrastructure & Operations Professionals, Forrester Research, Inc.
Tom Moore, Director of Hospitality Industry Solutions, Motorola Solutions

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