How to Leverage Your POS for Deep Business Insight

5/14/2013 11:00:00 AM (EST) 60 mins In this web seminar, join Jack in the Box, HP and Xpient solutions for a discussion on how advancements in point-of-sale technology are enabling deep business intelligence for restaurants. Using a combination of the latest hardware and software solutions, all integrated on a Windows-embedded platform, restaurants can now have unprecedented visibility into their operations.

This visibility and control has given rise to a new breed of IT — Intelligent Systems — that affords deep business intelligence and customer insight, a more stable operating environment, and simplified service. Jack in the Box shares its story of how a windows-embedded platform is providing Business Intelligence, and speakers from HP and XPIENT Solutions will identify specific POS technologies, encompassing mobility, digital signage, kitchen systems, and more, for creating Intelligent Systems in your organization.

All attendees will receive Big Data Strategy Components: Business Essentials report!

Abigail Lorden, Editor-in-Chief, HT Magazine

Michael Verdesca, CIO, Jack in the Box
Flavio Diomede, Chief Technology Officer, Xpient
Tracy Flynn, Global Industry Segment Manager - Hospitality Retail Solutions, HP

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