Connecting Devices and Learning from a "Sea" of Data: How Royal Caribbean Cut Costs, Improved Services and Streamlined Processes

6/10/2014 2:00:00 PM (EST)
60 mins In this webinar, Royal Caribbean reveals how taking advantage of the vast potential of the Internet and connected devices, the luxury cruise line is able to create an intelligent system that harnesses data to provide superior customer service. A Royal Caribbean executive will offer best practices for the implementation of the Internet of Things strategy that led to decreased costs, increased revenue and improved workflow through mobility and automation. Royal Caribbean set out to deliver the best customer service possible, by creating the connected, onboard intelligent system that helps give guests what they want – before they even know they want it.

Focusing on the impact technology can make is at the forefront of the Internet of Things. By connecting the right devices and making sense of untapped data, operators can make better decisions and discover new ways to grow that not only help the bottom line – they change the way businesses operate and engage with customers.

Royal Caribbean needed to automate and streamline systems and did so by connecting Microsoft technologies and devices already on board – such as POS systems, tablets and digital signage – to data management systems and the cloud.

The cruise line staff worked with Agilysys, a leading hospitality software developer to connect 325 POS terminals and 50 tablets to collect data on spending patterns and sales promotions. Three hundred digital signage displays offer real-time passenger alerts about dining and other amenities, helping Royal Caribbean to enhance the guest experience by communicating availability in restaurants, spas, shows, and providing ready access to photos. The resulting insights and capabilities enable staff to better meet guests’ needs as well as increase revenue potential.

  • Case study in success: Royal Caribbean shares how it automated and streamlined its systems in order to enable more effective selling strategies while cutting operating costs with digital signatures, electronic receipts, and improved workflow, all while creating a superior guest experience.
  • Next-generation technology: See how Agilysys, developer of software solutions for the hospitality industry, along with hardware partner PAR connected 325 POS terminals, 50 tablets , and 300 digital signs to collect data to analyze spending patterns and promotions, resulting in insights to improve guest services.
  • Best strategies: Hear from experts on how to implement your own Internet of Your Things strategy by connecting devices and systems already in place or adding new ones to your business environment to discover new ways to grow the bottom line while simultaneously showing your guests that you’re catering to their needs in delivering a superior vacation experience.
Dorothy Creamer, Managing Editor, Hospitality Technology

Bill Martin, CIO, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.
Santiago Abraham, Vice President, Information Technology, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.
Michael Buckham-White, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Agilysys
Mark Bunney, Sr. Director Product Marketing, ParTech, Inc.

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