Has Debit Fee Reform Helped or Hindered Hospitality?

The uncertainty of swipe fee economics is still a major issue in hospitality. One year after the Durbin Amendment went into effect, it is still unclear what effect it has had on the supply chain of payment transactions within the industry.

POS Data Breach Teaches Valuable Lessons

The sentencing of two POS hackers, who stole payment card data resulting in $10 million plus in losses, offers insights and reminds about best practices to protect valuable point of sale data.

2012 Labor Technology Showcase

Labor is the lifeblood of the hospitality industry. In this special report, HT takes a look at the cutting-edge technologies that are shaping how restaurants and hotels can manage all aspects of labor, from scheduling to payroll and everything in between. These leading advancements will help operators increase efficiency while improving employee satisfaction.
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