2011 Resolutions: Freshen your Focus

If your New Year's resolutions typically loose their “umph" by Groundhog Day, maybe it’s because the shadow of their past is haunting them. This year, HT offers a fresh approach to four technology projects that have been on many executives’ to-do lists for too long: menu labeling, social media, PCI, and table-side ordering and payment.

January's POS News Spotlight: Hackers, PCI and Next-Gen Payment Systems

The latest installment of Hospitality Technology's monthly POS recap is chock full of PCI products and new hardware offerings, plus a variety of next-gen payment options being implement at Starbucks and McDonald's. If you missed these news-makers the first time around, be sure to check them out.

Breach Report: Who Got Hacked in 2010?

How did Wyndham, McDonald's and six other companies fall victim to hackers last year? HT recaps their stories here in this 2010 data breach round-up. Plus, one restaurateur opens up about her brush with an overseas hacker, and the effect that is has had on her restaurant and its patrons.
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