Hotel Tech for the Future Guest

In this Thought Leadership Q&A, "Hotel Tech for the Future Guest," three leading technology suppliers, Comcast Business, Skytouch Technology, and TTI Technologies, offer their predictions on must-have tech for future hotel guests. They share input on what hotels should be looking at both near- and long-term to cultivate great relationships with consumers; and they offer input on a range of trends, including IoT, mobile check-in, loyalty, free WiFi and more.

2015 Customer Engagement Technology Study

This annual report tracks the use and effectiveness of mobile, location-based, and social technologies in hotels and restaurants. What mobile engagement solutions are your competitors rolling out in 2016? What are the top five potential uses for location-based solutions? Which solutions are winning out in the mobile wallet war? These insights and more are inside!
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EKN: The Power of Customer Context - A Success Imperative For Every Retailer - Part One

Driving beyond just customer access to "context power" with relevant and timely brand, product, pricing or loyalty messaging fosters informed shopping decisions, deeper engagement and beneficial long-term relationships. In part one of this report, we’ll summarize how in-store contextual engagement drives higher customer experience returns for hoteliers and hoteliers' top in-store engagement investment areas.

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2016 Multi-Unit Restaurant Technology Conference
2016 Hotel Technology Forum