Top IT Headlines You Missed in 2008

HT's editorial staff combed through 2008's articles to bring you our picks for the top ten headlines that are too important to be missed. You might not have read them the first time around, so here's your chance to catch up. From tops interviews with Dunkin' Donuts, InterContinental Hotels Group, and Fuddruckers executives, to insights into property management and point of sale execution strategies, these are the articles that are too important to miss in 2008.

Engage Tech-Savvy Customers with Top Social Networking Tips

As the use of social networking and emarketing begin to gain more and more popularity, restaurant operators can no longer rely on their websites alone to generate customer loyalty. Learn how to engage Web-savvy customers with these top social networking tips and products.

Back to The Future: Meet The Hotel Guest Of 2020

What will the guest of 2020 expect from their hotel experience? From dynamic packaging to in-room technology and everything in between, explore the thought processes of the guests of the future and learn how technology will play a huge part in the hotel industry in the years to come.
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