Web of Data

Giving reporting power to managers anywhere, anytime

Faster Data, Better Decisions

Tell a manager the results he got three weeks ago, and he's likely to recollect some of the decisions and ideas that fed into it. Tell that manager the results from yesterday, and he or she will recall a lot more detail. An hour ago? Even better. And if you can predict what will happen when the next shift end, then it is a whole new world.

Interfacing with the Future

Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG) was founded in June 2002 by a group of hotel executives and technology vendors with the broad objective of addressing the structure of the industry, with the ultimate goal of building systems that would work better together.

Up To Speed

In the restaurant industry, speed can become a way of life. Whether it is timing the drive-thru at a quick-service chain, kitchen timers at a fast-casual restaurant, or wait times for the casual diner, nearly all restaurants keep close track of speed and efficiency. For the foodservice industry, time really is money and any good restaurant manager recognizes that speedy service is an essential ingredient in the delivery of an enjoyable dining experience for guests.

Whataburger Cooks Up Job Scheduling

Whataburger, a restaurant chain in the Southern U.S., has chosen Advanced Systems Concepts, ActiveBatch job scheduling system (advsyscon.com) to manage batch data processing chores at its central data center.

The Power of Security

Network security breaches continue to threaten customer confidence, productivity, corporate image, and companies' bottom lines
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