Rules of the Road

Sometimes guiding technology for a major hotel company can seem more art than science. Take Marriott, for example. With 2,600 properties and more than $9 billion in sales, Marriott is clearly the largest and most influential hotel company. And yet, as Marriott's CTO and senior vice president of information technology strategy Barry Shuler readily admits, running Marriott's IT department requires more negotiation than anything else.

Technology To Go

Trends in the restaurant industry reveal a growing consumer demand for take-out/to-go options from casual dining and fast-food establishments; a market that accounted for 58 percent of total restaurant traffic in 2001, according to the National Restaurant Association. From wireless networks to online ordering, technology continues to play a critical role in meeting customer expectations for greater efficiency and speed.

The Passing Lane

Digital Dashboard gives hotel and restaurant operators the data they need to speed by their competition

Arby's Franchise Sybra Goes Extra-Terrestrial

Sybra, Arby's second largest franchise, announces that it will use Spacenet (spacenet.com) Connexstar broadband satellite network to provide broadband service to its 237 Arby's restaurants.

Can You Hear Me NOW?

Ten seconds doesn't sound like a long time, until you multiply it by the number of cars visiting your drivethru at lunchtime. Then, ten seconds can mean higher revenue, more accurate orders and more satisfied customers.

Credit Report

Wireless payment and security standards simplify transactions

Extended Stay Hotels Boosts Business Intelligence

Extended Stay Hotels implements the Aptech Execuvue business intelligence system and hospitality software to automate data gathering and operational performance management for its 681 properties.

La Quinta Improves 'Look to Book'

In an effort to improve website design and analytics, La Quinta taps WebTrends 7 On Demand (webtrends.com) for its La Quinta, Baymont Inns and Woodfield Suites branded websites.
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