High Touch vs. Touch Screen

There has been an ongoing debate since the inception of self-service kiosks in hotels as to whether they improve or dilute customer service, particularly in traditional high-end hotels where guests have come to expect 'high-touch' service from staff.

Guests Like Tech-Savvy Service

The National Restaurant Association released its annual Restaurant Industry Forecast for the year ahead, and results show that the U.S. restaurant industry -- typically slower to adopt cutting-edge technologies -- is placing a priority on IT initiatives in the year ahead.

Mix Well & Serve

Store-level systems such as online ordering, self-service payment, kitchen displays, labor management, integrated ordering, and so on, can often mean the difference between leading and lagging behind the competition. But integrating new software with the POS system can be a significant hurdle to getting those systems in place.

New Loyalty Strategies

Visit almost any retail outlet and at some point in the purchasing process, an employee is bound to offer enrollment into the company's loyalty program. From Best Buy to Marriott, nearly every major retail chain offers a rewards program in some form, and as these programs become more competitive, so do benefits to the consumer.

What to Expect in 2008

The ancient art of tasseography - better known as reading tea leaves - has been associated with cultures ranging from the Scottish and Irish to the Greeks and Chinese. Now, after thousands of years, it has finally made its way to HT's headquarters for its inaugural issue of 2008. So, join with us as we peer into the industry's tea cup, in order to divine and understand the issues and trends that will affect you in the year to come.
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