Guest Work

Culver's makes guest happiness its priority

Building the Brand

Loyal guests are a key component to staying afloat in the hospitality industry. Hotel and restaurant operators are increasingly taking notice and using the latest tools and technology to not only build a better understanding of who their loyal guests are,

Central Command

For growing hotel and restaurant companies, maintaining control over widespread broadband networks and keeping in touch with remote locations and managers ranks as one of the biggest headaches.

Brick by Brick

The add-on capabilities of property management systems are popular among lodgings of all shapes and sizes, and no wonder.

Power Users

Not all foodservice operations are created equal. For some companies, high transaction volume, a large number of point-of-sale terminals, and complex orders necessitate a powerful POS with all the frills. HT talks to some of these power users to find out what they need to keep up and running.

Untethered Access

More and more hotels and restaurants are untethering their back-office applications and taking advantage of hosted and application service provider (ASP)-based solutions. With less technology at remote units and easier access for management, the wireless office has finally come of age.

Always On

Many multi-unit restaurants are lining up for high-speed access to keep their businesses competitive and their customers happy.

Building Relationships

Managing the wide-range of relationships, suppliers and food-cost variables has always been one part science, two-parts art for hospitality operators. While a loft, ambition, bringing logic and efficiency to the supply chain has proven difficult.

McDonald's Puts on Contactless Blitz

McDonald's and MasterCard International enlist help from Troy Aikman, the MVP of Super Bowl XXVII and six-time Pro Bowl quarterback to introduce MasterCard PayPass, a contactless payment technology that help consumers speed their way through payments.
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