Hospitality Struck Hard by Hackers in 2009

According to the 2010 Global Security Report, hospitality data breaches accounted for a whopping 38% of all breaches investigated by Trustwave SpiderLabs; software-based point of sale systems were identified as the most frequently breached area across all of the industries involved in the study.

FCS Introduces New GDX Universal Billing Interface System

The GDX Universal Billing Interface System (GDX UBIS) is a comprehensive web-based hotel solution to manage telephone and services usage at variable tariffs, delivering optimal revenues and tight cost control through more responsive administration of exchanges and systems.

Self-Service's Future Comes into Focus

According to recent reports, the hospitality self-service market is expected to experience a compound annual growth rate of 11.3%, as penetration and adoption rates improve. VDC Research identifies and analyzes the now- and near-term opportunities and threats impacting North America.

Video Analytics Reincarnated

Thanks to spill over from military and government agencies, video surveillance systems in hospitality are becoming more and more sophisticated through the integration of analytic applications that turn traditional video into uber intelligence gathers.

The Science Behind Margaritas' Site Selection Process

As Margaritas prepared to launch the most aggressive expansion plan in its history, the company saw the need to put more science behind its site location decisions. Learn how a customer analytics company is aiding Margaritas in its efforts.

Twitter Tools to the Rescue

Twitter is taking hospitality e-marketing by storm, yet this social tool is not without its challenges. Get educated on a host of specialized Twitter tools and applications that are designed to help operators to better manage and analyze their social networking efforts.

Can Direct Hotel Room Pricing Policy Explanations Strengthen Guest Loyalty?

According to a new study from the Cornell Center for Hospitality Research, guest perceptions regarding the fairness of hotel room pricing policies is a strong element in customers' decision to return to a hotel. Learn how to improve guests' understanding of variable pricing programs without giving away any trade secrets to the competition.
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