Mahogany Grille Finds the Cure for Chilly Customers

The picturesque views that come with the Mahogany Grille's downtown Durango, Colorado location is known to delight customers as they dine. However during winter months, drafty windows keep customers away from these prime tables. Faced with a challange, management decided to install Thermique heated glass, and now customers no longer avoid the window seats.

The Belamar Installs Flyte Systems

With renovations underway, the Belamar luxury hotel decided to install FlyteBoard real-time airline flight software after seeing it first hand at the National Business Travel Association trade show.

Hilton Meetings Expand to North America

Hilton Hotels expand Hilton Meetings across North America. After first being introduced in 2000, it is expected that the majority of Hilton properties will include these new meeting rooms by the fourth quarter of 2008.

Industry Q&A: How to Up the "Wow Factor" with IP Phone Convergence

As part of a growing need to offer guests state-of-the-art technology, PCH's Renaissance Montgomery Hotel expands its IP converged network to include Ayaya IP touch screen telephones.  In a move that was expected to increase guest satisfaction, management has been quick to realize just how important this feature is to guests and is already making plans to extend the network even further.
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