U.S. Smartphone Penetration Offers Opportunities for Hospitality

As more and more consumers come to rely on their smartphones for day-to-day tasks, hospitality operators are quickly learning how to tap into this craze to market their own businesses and provide consumers with additional service touch points.

Technology of the Hippest

Built on a robust IP backbone that's engineered to run whatever technology the innovation community can throw at it, the theWit Hotel's executive team is free to carry out their true vision of creating an immersive experience that oozes culture and entertainment. Developer Scott Greenberg and branding and technology executives Lou Carrier and Darrin Pinkham, give HT the inside story on the technology, the culture and the vision that is theWit Hotel.

78 Burger Kings in Canada Get full MICROS POS Solution

With more than 78 company-owned restaurants, Burger King Restaurants of Canada selected MICROS as its POS provider for its complete enterprise solution, from software and hardware to localized, round-the-clock support.

Avoid the AP & Supplier Relationship Breakdown: How Technology Can Aid in Bottom Line Savings

In hospitality, constant change is commonplace and it often lends itself to a breakdown in communication between an organization's accounts payable department and their multitude of vendors and suppliers. To avoid this breakdown, which can lead to missed shipments, transaction errors, and strained relationships, companies must implement procedures to maintain effective vendor relationships. Fortunately technology can help.
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