Closing the Bar Tab Gets 'Smart'

What's Kung Fu Saloon's secret to closing bar tabs faster at the end of the night? How about a smartphone application that is also helping to boost revenue by 10 to 15 percent?

What's new in POS Hardware?

This technology round-up looks at the latest releases in POS hardware. Smaller-footprint terminals, energy-saving printers, and mobility are just some of their latest offerings.

What Android’s Rise Means to Hospitality

With so many operators and vendors focused on releasing applications designed for the iPhone, new data suggests that equal consideration for developing Android-specific applications should be given.

2011 Guestroom Tech Trends

In its annual trend report, HT looks at some of the top consumer trends and technology advancements impacting the guestroom experience. This year, it's all about energy management, mobile phone integration, television content and the iPad.

Industry Speak

Hospitality Technology taps the collective wisdom of its Editorial Advisory Board to get the answers to many of your, and our, burning questions. This group of hotel and restaurant executives offers perspectives on the industry's pace of recovery, emerging technologies to watch, top challenges for the year ahead, and more.

Solving the Self-service Dilemma

A mixed self-service model may settle the debate that pits technology against the quality of the human touch. Thomas Westergaard, senior vice president for Nordic Choice Hotels explains how such a model benefits both guests and hotels.

Will the TV Remote Become Obsolete?

Smartphone/iPad app gives guests complete remote control of the TV, operating all TV functions through the graphic of a standard remote control on their device screen.
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