Thief Swindles Credit Card Info from Indiana Eatery

| April 19, 2011

Robert Sullivan of reports: Since the beginning of March, fifteen individuals who used their credit cards to pay for meals at the Richmond, Ind.-based Jade House Restaurant, had their information stolen by someone posing to the restaurant as an employee of its credit card service, Richmond Police Department (RPD) officials said.
"At this point, it looks like Jade House is as much a victim as anybody," says RPD Capt. Jim Branum. "They have a company they use for their credit card service, and somebody posing as the company called and asked for information saying that there was a problem with their system. As a result, some information was given out which compromised the cards. They know not to give that information out now. It appears they used poor judgment, but they did not do anything criminal."

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