The New York Palace Hotel Upgrades Internet Access for Meeting, Conference Rooms

| September 22, 2008

In response to the growing trend of incorporating individual Internet access and video-streaming into meeting and conference agendas, The New York Palace Hotel announces the installation of a 100 megabytes per second (Mbps) Internet connection. Meeting planners working with The Palace now have the option of providing classroom settings with unobstructed individual Internet, video and presentation access to as many as 400 attendees simultaneously. This upgrade of bandwidth from 1.5Mbps to 100Mbps marks a major enhancement of the hotel's internet access for its meeting and conference rooms. This initiative began in 2006 with a comprehensive upgrade in wiring and the installation of a portal system to allocate bandwidth. The completed installation of this 100Mbps TLS (Transparent Local Area Network Service) line ensures that meeting attendees at The Palace are able to access the internet without concern for speed, capacity or security.

"With this enhanced capability, meetings at The Palace are now able to accommodate 200 Sling Box sessions, 400 YouTube downloads, 400 presentation downloads, or 1,500 web-radio streams at a single time," says Jeffery S. Wolf, director of information technology for The New York Palace Hotel. "Most hotels offer a common T1-line for Internet access, which has the capacity to download a maximum of 1.5 Megabytes per second from the internet. Since many of these T1-lines are shared connections, speeds can often be even slower depending on volume of online traffic. The 100Mbps TLS line we now have at The Palace is 60 times faster than a traditional T1-line. In order to best serve a wide range of groups and budgets, access to this 100Mbps internet connection can also be reserved in secured increments of 5Mbps."

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