Restaurant Innovation Focuses on Service & Experience

| March 20, 2017

As restaurants struggle to differentiate from the competition by offering seamless, omni-experiences, mobile payment is beyond a “wait-and-see” initiative. HT recently queried operators for its 2017 Restaurant Technology Study and asked the question, “what’s on your innovation agenda for 2017?” The results were quite telling and paint a picture of an industry that is focusing on the digital diner.

Mobile payment is part of several top priorities that tie together including loyalty and mobile apps. In order to stay competitive, restaurants must be on a deployment path.

Occupying a middle tier of innovation priorities are several initiatives that address order and delivery. As restaurants across segments seek to allow guests to order and interact when, where and how they want, we see several technologies gain prominence, especially when comparing R&D focus from 2016. Tableside ordering devices will be a priority for 41% of operators in 2017, more than doubling from 2016 (17%).

With technology deployment plans focusing on the omni-experience, point of sale capabilities will need to be increasingly robust. We asked operators to call out functions that they believe are must-haves for the POS versus what already exists, is a “nice to have,” or is not necessary. Responses reveal that restaurants are prioritizing omni-experience with mobile payment, managing orders from other channels, and CRM topping the list of must-haves.

For more findings and analysis, download the complete 2017 Restaurant Technology Study.

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