New Software Solution Speeds OCD Updates

| June 28, 2012

HyperActive Technologies has announced the release of an innovative software solution that will empower QSRs to manage their own order confirmation display (OCD) content through the “Cloud.”
Cloud computing allows customers to run programs and store data and files in a remote location accessible through an Internet connection. Moreover, utilizing the “Cloud,” customers receive the added economic benefit of not having to purchase or dedicate hardware for content management.
QSRs can use HyperActive’s content editing tool to create and post content, as well as schedule content deployment for all of their QSR locations by harnessing the convenience of cloud computing. For example, if a customer wants to run a promotion during a special event week, all they need to do is access the “Cloud,” via any computer with Internet access. Within a few minutes, the promotion can be uploaded to the cloud, ready to be pulled down on the scheduled date. For customers with a more sophisticated network infrastructure, content can also be hosted on a web server on their company’s wide area network.

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