HITEC 2014: Customizable App Enables Hotels to Communicate Directly with Guests

| June 27, 2014

HandHeld Hospitality showcased its SmartGuest app at HITEC 2014.  SmartGuest is a customizable application that enables hotels to communicate directly with guests and increase revenue.  With SmartGuest, hotels can provide their guests with up-to-date information on hotel services and activities, including special offers, room service, and restaurant menu selections.  Management can also send notifications of any kind in real time.  Additionally, the app features an A-Z directory and a limitless activity planner.  SmartGuest can be easily installed on a hotel network or hosted in the cloud, and features an easy-to-use Content Management System. 
Hotel guests who download the SmartGuest app are able to receive targeted promotions and offers from the hotel and its local partners, to make their stay more enjoyable.  A key feature of SmartGuest is the functionality for hotel guests to make specific requests for preferences during their stay, allowing them to receive faster, customized service.  SmartGuest also offers the options of sharing information on social media, or one-click-dialing or emailing for reservations.  In addition, quick search and GPS mapping allow guests to find their way in and around the hotel properties with the touch of a finger.

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