Guest Innovations Releases Rezku POS

| April 20, 2017

Guest Innovations, a restaurant technology company out of Sacramento, just released Rezku POS. Rezku POS is a full-featured iPad-based restaurant point of sale solution. The Rezku POS System has all the features experienced restaurateurs are looking for, like one-step check splitting, integrated floor plans, employee time clock and ingredient level inventory control. The Rezku POS System also has no per transaction gateway fees and every restaurant is guaranteed the lowest integrated processing rates.
Some POS companies will say they can accept any credit card processor but restaurant owners later find out it is at a cost. Some companies will tack on expensive per transaction gateway fees that end up costing the restaurant thousands of dollars. Oftentimes a restaurant owner will sign a contract for a new POS system and be surprised at the additional fees after they have committed.
Another noteworthy item is the technology behind the Rezku POS System. The Rezku POS System has an advanced off-line mode that allows restaurateurs to use the cloud-based system even when the internet goes out – all of the terminals within the restaurant will continue to talk to each other. In addition, operators can still accept credit card payment through the system while in off-line mode. When the internet connection fails the system automatically stores encrypted credit card information that is instantly processed when the internet connection is reestablished. This store and forward technology is both EMV and PCI compliant, lowering the restaurant's fraud liability.
The Rezku POS System can be used in restaurants, bars, cafes, food trucks and almost any other food service company. 

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