E La Carte Updates Presto Tablets for Restaurants

| December 17, 2012

E La Carte has launched a new version of its Presto for restaurants that is used by guests at the table for instant ordering, payment and browsing through high-resolution photos of the food. The updated, 7-inch Android tablet has been reformatted for restaurant use with a better battery life, a ruggedized exterior and a redesigned credit card reader which apparently improves the payment process. 
Another new feature is that the tablet’s LED light will now change color based on the table's food status. The tablet’s functionality allows users to look through and order from the digital menus, letting them dine at their own pace and order whenever they are ready.  
The Presto prompts patrons for add-on options to any item, increasing upsell opportunities. The company reports a ten percent sales boost on orders through Presto and table turns are seven minutes faster.
The Presto supports all major POS systems, interface with custom systems, and can even integrate with no POS at all. The Presto is PCI PA-DSS certified.

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