Drago's Leverages RFID to Track Drink Pours

| June 19, 2007

Drago's Seafood Restaurant at the newly renovated Hilton New Orleans Riverside Hotel selects an RFID-based Beverage Tracker solution from Capton, Inc. to help monitor bar operations.

The Beverage Tracker system utilizes RFID-enabled liquor pour spouts to provide a clear picture of how each drink is prepared, how the guest is served and how the transaction is handled in the point-of-sale system.

"Capton offers a breakthrough new approach to the liquor shrinkage problem hospitality has been wrestling with for years," states Capton's CEO, Scott Martiny. "Beverage Tracker is the ultimate secret shopper. We have a secret shopper on every drink served by bar staff. We know if it wasn't poured correctly (amount or brand) and if it ever made it into the POS system as a revenue event."

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