Dolce International Selects Guest Review Tracker

| June 19, 2008

Dolce International joins the growing list of companies that have selected the Avalon BUZZ Report, to deliver on-demand monitoring functionality to hotels within their collection. The agreement empowers property level management teams to keep a watchful eye on virtual guest comments and ratings in real time, 24/7.

"Quite simply, it is critical to monitor guest comments. Our business model relies heavily on the good will of our customer, especially the conference guest. Word of mouth is essential to our success," says Michael Grossman, Sr. Director, Global Distribution of Dolce International. "By investing in the Avalon BUZZ Report, we are providing our teams with the tools they need to ensure our reputation is built and tracked at every interaction with a customer. We know our clients are reading our 'online comment card' and we want to make sure our property management is reading it too," adds Grossman.


Avalon BUZZ Report's data visualization software helps identify strengths and vulnerabilities in the market by charting and analyzing competitive threats and a subscriber's own presence on the most valuable sites available, namely those embraced in the consumer-driven reservations stream.

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