BHI Launches New PCI Solution

| September 08, 2008

BHI Advanced Internet, an Internet security systems provider, is offering a new solution in the fight against credit card fraud for the quick service restaurant segment.

SecureConnect directly addresses the requirements for the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (DSS) required for all operations accepting credit card payments. These standards offer protection against credit card fraud and the misuse of personal information that can lead to identity theft. SecureConnect can help save foodservice operators from revenue loss and help safeguard a corporate brand and local franchise from a tarnished reputation and the inevitable legal repercussions if a breach of security occurs.
Through SecureConnect, operators can benefit from a single, comprehensive and cost-effective solution with numerous levels of safeguards that are updated regularly as the technology evolves. The program offers QSR's 24/7 support and management access from BHI's trained and industry-knowledgeable engineers who will know if there is a problem at a store often even before an operator or customer will.

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