Speeding Up Fast Casual

10/8/2015 Panera Bread launched its Panera 2.0 concept which sought to have stores rely on fully-integrated technology to speed up and thereby improve the customer experience by removing friction points for ordering, picking up and paying for food. In this interview, Panera's Sr. Vice President and CIO John Meister talks about the technology behind Panera 2.0, including custom-built POS software and the integrations that empowered a faster front-of-house to ramp up production in the back of the house.

How Resorts Manage Revenue in a Digital World

10/8/2015 The latest revenue management systems are helping operators forecast demand, segment guests and optimize pricing, while also remaining consistent across all partner websites, such as Expedia and Travelocity. As an added benefit, these systems can reduce labor-intensive calculations and allow employees to focus on interpreting data and making decisions. HT talks to several major resort firms about the impact that revenue management technology is having at their properties.




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