RFID: Hospitality's Untapped Tool

From inventory management to luggage tagging, the potential uses for RFID in hotels and restaurants are limited only by our own imagination.

The State of Self-Service in 2011

No longer centered around kiosks, self-service has come to encompass a wide range of products, from mobile applications and iPads to guest service portals accessed by the in-room TV, that are putting even more control into consumers' and operators' hands.

Feds Release Labor App

Workers' new payment-tracking application reminds hotels and restaurants that accurate labor management is a top priority.

Build a Better App: 6 Tips

What sets a good mobile application apart from the rest? Hotel executives share their advice for creating a better app, from customer research and developer selection advice all the way down to interface design.

A Brand New Wallet for a Brave New World

In May, Google marked its official entrance into the NFC-payment space with the introduction of Google Wallet. HT takes an in-depth look at this mobile payment advancement and its potential benefit to restaurants. Plus, Robert Notte, VP of IT for Jamba Juice, reveals the details behind his company's Google Wallet pilot.
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