Hotel 1000 Increases its Bandwidth by 20-Fold

Hotel 1000 worked with multiple technology vendors to install a fiber optics connection to the property, thereby enabling a 100MB connection to the already installed future proof internal fiber network.

HTNG Releases New and Updated Interface Specifications

Hotel Technology Next Generation has released three new technical specifications that provide standardized interfaces that connect the PMS with other hotel systems to guest-room devices, allow hotels to deliver rich descriptive content to distribution channels and websites, and support improved security for credit card processing.

Dairy Queen Franchisee Takes No Chances When Securing Guest Data

The Dairy Queen franchisee, Roundtable, maintains PCI compliance through several layers of defense. The key component of its store level infrastructure is handled by SecureConnect, which provides a secure, multi-site Virtual Private Network (VPN) for Roundtable's locations.

The Tech Bandwagon: Three Reasons Why Mgmt is Slow to Jump on Board

From computer controlled hotel rooms to remote drive-thru ordering centers and everything in between, new technology is hot. So why have many operators been so slow to jump on the technology bandwagon? Phil Mott, assistant professor at Kendall College's School of Hospitality Management, offers three common reasons.
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