September 2013

Cover Story:

Breaking Out of Brick & Mortar

Abigail A. Lorden, Editor-in-Chief

Fast-casual dining chain Wow Bao is busting out of traditional brick-and-mortar restaurant ops to embrace multi-channel sales. The Asian-inspired eatery just celebrated its 10 millionth sale, not only out of its four Chicago-area locations, but also through pop-ups, online ordering with bicycle delivery or nationwide shipping, festivals, stadiums, and even grocers’ freezers. Geoff Alexander, EVP and managing partner, credits a willingness to embrace technology as one key piece of WowBao's growth. In an exclusive interview, Alexander shares that story with HT.


The Risk and Reward of 'Fast'

Abigail A. Lorden, Editor-in-Chief

The concept of "the big eat the small" is outdated when it comes to the foodservice industry. The new mantra should be, "the fast eat the slow," a concept which encourages operators to risk failure by moving forward quickly, learning from missteps and making the appropriate changes along the way.

Property Wide:

Smart Guestroom Locks Becoming Standard

Dorothy Creamer, Managing Editor

Next generation locks are not only standing guard against theft with high-tech capabilities, but are also helping to streamline overall room control and monitoring. Benefits range from greater reliability, to interrogation capabilities, to remote access and control.

Vantage Point:

Turn Feedback from Online Users into Revenue

Glenn Withiam, director of publications, Cornell Center for Hospitality Research

Listening and responding to complaints from online shoppers about web design can equal an ROI boost.

Executive Insight:

Don't Let Fraud Devour Profits


Lost profits due to theft is an ongoing problem in the service space. Preventing fraud, however, is a complex and ongoing process that can be both costly and labor intensive. Dave Bennett, president and CEO, Mirus Restaurant Solutions, shares his views on how restaurants can overcome the complexities of fraud detection with the right solutions.

Sponsored Case Study:

Genghis Grill Secures Unique Competitive Advantage by Knowing 1.3 Million of its Guests


Paytronix technology helps Genghis Grill to leverage the benefits of its 1.3 million-member e-mail club and rewards program with a three-pronged approach. Paytronix enables the chain to use the data to drive incremental sales by not only rewarding its guests for choosing the brand, but also by delivering offers and content that are highly relevant to its guests. The program also helps strengthen the relationship with its franchisees and finally the executive team uses the customer behavior data to plan real estate purchases and forecast sales in new markets.

Point of Sale:

Next-Gen POS: Taking Payment Tableside

Tammy Mastroberte, Contributing Editor

Tableside ordering is emerging as a viable way for restaurants to yield faster table turns and increase sales. While adoption has been slow, technology advancements and the coming push for mobile payments are leading some restaurants to bring technology directly to the dining table.


Payment Tech Profile


Between the adoption of smart phones and the upcoming overhaul to U.S. credit cards (moving from magstripe to CHIP), merchants can expect to see a significant amount of innovation from POS and payment vendors. MICROS, for one, recently announced a global integration initiative with PayPal’s mobile payment options. And for tableside payment, Canada-based Eigen Development is showcasing its MiraPOS that reduces PCI scope and is EMV capable. Get the full details on these two solutions in this month’s Payment Tech Profile.


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