September 2010

Cover Story:

Jack's Out of the Box Technology

Abigail A. Lorden, Editor-in-Chief

Fully recovered from his nearly-fatal run-in with a bus during the 2009 Super Bowl, Jack (namesake and fictitious founder of Jack in the Box restaurants) is entertaining web site visitors with playful interactive technology. Meanwhile, the IT team behind the scenes is working on several innovative projects to help Jack in the Box bring efficiency and effective communication tools to guests and franchisees. HT talks with CIO Debra Jensen and VP of systems development Michael Verdesca.


Jets, Giants and Jack

Abigail A. Lorden, Editor-in-Chief

Jack in the Box's re-launched website features an interactive telephone, with Jack himself as the messenger, that lets users send personalized e-mails or phone calls; the perfect tool for talking football trash.

Front Burner:

Hospitality Tests Geo-Location Waters


Pizza Hut, Chili's Grill & Bar, and InterContinental Hotels Group are some of the latest hospitality brands that are leveraging location-based social networking applications in an effort to connect with guests and drive foot traffic.

On Property:

Can You Hear Me Now? Nope.

George Koroneos, Contributing Editor

Despite surges in cell phone use, hotels and resorts often struggle to provide a network that can meet the needs of its guests. Hoteliers discuss the strategies and technologies that are helping them to overcome poor signal strength.

Point of Service:

POS Peer Review 2010

Lisa Terry, Contributing Editor

In this annual industry perspective, Hospitality Technology talks to a cross-section of restaurant operators including Hard Rock and Pure Management Group, to find out what their point of sale overhaul needs were, and how their chosen systems stack up.

Intelligent Biz:

Well-Run Workforce: Time & Attendance Tracking

Tammy Mastroberte, Contributing Editor

From biometrics to advanced forecasting tools, lodging and foodservice operators discuss the top technologies that are helping them to better manage their labor dollars while still meeting employees' needs.

Killer Apps:

YUM Franchisee: 'Better Transactions with a Side of Fraud Prevention'

Lauren Bain, Director of Information Technology, Luihn Food Systems

With the desire to update its stand-alone payment system, the eighty-five unit YUM brand franchisee, Luihn Foods, decided upon an integrated payment system that is helping to cut costs and curb fraud.

Last Words:

New Recruits Ill-prepared

Cihan Cobanoglu

A new study asked hotel managers to evaluate the performance of recent college graduates in an effort to determine the role of operational IT in formal education. Results indicate that there new hires are ill-prepared.

Vantage Point:

Mobile App "Do's and Don'ts"

Lou Ragg, Executive Director of Internet Operations & Marketing, MGM Resorts International

There is an app for just about everything these days and it's easy to see why as more guests expect to be able to interact with their favorite brands using mobile devices. Avoid disappointing app reviews and frustrated guests with these best practices from MGM Resorts International.


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