September 2005


Commodities Trading

Reid A. Paul, Editor-in-Chief

Does your accounting department provide a competitive advantage for your company?

Front Burner:



In July/August, Hospitality Technology published a Vantage Point column regarding wireless technology and the possible elimination of waiters.

McDonald's Puts on Contactless Blitz


McDonald's and MasterCard International enlist help from Troy Aikman, the MVP of Super Bowl XXVII and six-time Pro Bowl quarterback to introduce MasterCard PayPass, a contactless payment technology that help consumers speed their way through payments.

Moore, Horner join HTNG


The ranks of Hotel Technology-Next Generation (HTNG) continue to swell.

Radisson Expands Online Check-in


More than 70,000 guests have already used the Radisson Hotels & Resorts Express Yourself online guest check-in service in the United States and the program is being expanded internationally.

On Property:

Take Me Away

Lindsay Elkins, Assistant Editor

The increasing stress of the daily grind has many travelers longing for a getaway filled with relaxation and leisurely activities. However, the hassle of booking and scheduling activities at resorts can oftentimes leave guests feeling in need of another vacation.

Point of Service:

Point of Maximum Return

Lisa Terry, Contributing Editor

A point-of-sale system represents a huge investment for many companies, yet most fail to use even a fraction of the systems' capabilities. That relegates POS squarely to the expense category, when full use of the software and hardware they've bought can make POS a revenue-generator.

Speed Solutions:

The Drive Way

Mary Carlin, Contributing Editor

There can be little argument about the importance of the drive thru for quick-service restaurants.

Intelligent Biz:

Building Relationships

Vicki Powers Contributing Editor

Managing the wide-range of relationships, suppliers and food-cost variables has always been one part science, two-parts art for hospitality operators. While a loft, ambition, bringing logic and efficiency to the supply chain has proven difficult.

Killer Apps:

Signal Recognition

Reid A. Paul, Editor-in-Chief

These days a guest at a typical hotel is far more likely to pick up his or her cell phone in a hotel room than use the guestroom phone. Quickly, the cell phone has become an essential tool, not just for business, but for everything.

Vantage Point:

Breaking the Rules

Jeff Chasney, Guest Contributor

Many of us are reluctant to break rules and take the big risk. We have all done many of the same things. It only takes a small amount of time after one company has done something for everybody to jump on the bandwagon. We achieve excellence by getting there faster and less expensively.

Three S's:

Always On

Dianne Lorden
  • Contributing Editor
  • Many multi-unit restaurants are lining up for high-speed access to keep their businesses competitive and their customers happy.

    Feature Stories:

    Yielding Results

    George Koroneos, Contributing Editor

    Revenue management wasn't always so easy for the 161-room Gainey Suites hotel in Phoenix, Arizona. Up until last summer, the property relied--if that is the word--on an outdated seven-year-old system that had limited functions and was slow and cumbersome.


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