November-December 2009

Cover Story:

Industry Outlook 2010: Hotel & Restaurant Trends for the Year Ahead

Abigail A. Lorden, Editor-in-Chief; Christina Volpe, Associate Editor

2009 has been a tumultuous year for hospitality operators. With the U.S. Federal Reserve declaring the recession's end, business owners are eager to set their sights on 2010 and move forward with their recovery efforts. In an exclusive reader survey, HT taps its audience of IT pros to learn how their companies are faring in the recovery period, as well as the specific business initiatives that they are focusing on for 2010.


Breaking Ground

Abigail A. Lorden

For the past year, most businesses have been forced to operate in survival mode by focusing on internal operations while significantly reducing, if not altogether abandoning, external marketing and customer engagement efforts. But according to a Hospitality Technology readership poll, this tide is turning.

Point of Service:

Where in the World is Contactless Payment

Vicki Powers, Contributing Editor

Supply is driving demand on the contactless payment front as more merchants are ready for the payment technology evolution than customers. Explore the current contactless payment landscape and learn what to expect in the next 18 months.

Service Systems:

Take a Bite Out of Apple's Apps

George Koroneos, Contributing Editor

As the iPhone and its App Store continue to take the mobile community by storm, many hospitality operators are quickly jumping onto the bandwagon to cash in on the growing trend. Learn what it takes to get an iPhone app up and running from Pizza Hut, Chipotle and Choice Hotels.

In-Room Advantage:

Hotel Locks Leap Ahead

Lisa Terry, Contributing Editor

Hotel guest room locking and security systems are advancing rapidly. Hospitality Technology explores the benefits and drawbacks of some of the hottest locking solutions on the market today including RFID, NFC and more.

Killer Apps:

In-Room Media that "Wows"

Scott Schreiber, President, Enterprise Hotels, The Kessler Collection

In recent years, The Kessler Collection's clientele has become more discerning than ever before. They typically have rich media options at home and hotel management wanted to ensure that they offered at least comparable media capabilities, with the goal of giving them options they had never before experienced. Learn about the solution that offers guests Web TV, access to HD Hollywood movies, unlimited HSIA and more.

Last Words:

The Fate of HSIA in Hotels

Cihan Cobanoglu

Although tiered bandwidth is a possible solution to the HSIA free-or-fee debate, a bigger question remains as to what will happen to HSIA in hotels in the future.

Vantage Point:

Building Franchisee PCI Awareness

Rick Frederick, IT Director, Mr. Goodcents Franchise Systems, Inc.

The road to PCI compliance has proven to be a rocky one for many franchise systems and their franchisees. By educating franchisees early on about their PCI compliance responsibilities, operators can overcome lagging franchisee awareness and significantly lower risk.


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