November-December 2008

Cover Story:

POS System Trends 2009

Abigail A. Lorden & Christina Volpe

As the end of a tumultuous 2008 draws near, the majority of hospitality operators are looking for ways to cut costs, curb waste, and coax consumers into their doors. What many may not have considered is that one of their heaviest pieces of artillery in the battle against a downturned economy is their point of sale systems. Hospitality Technology puts a focus on POS trends, functions and releases to find out what exactly this system can do to help restaurants sell more and spend less in 2009.


Twelve Months of HT

Abigail A. Lorden

After combing through industry news and trends, research reports and a multitude of additional sources, Hospitality Technology offers you a glimpse of what to expect from HT in 2009.

Front Burner:

Technology Combats Common Employee Complaints


Research conducted by the Cornell Center for Hospitality Research highlights the direct correlation between workforce scheduling practices and employee job satisfaction. Operators turn to technology to promote keep employees happy and boost guest return visits.

Service Systems:

A Well-Connected Workforce

Lisa Terry

Hotels fight the battle against workforce miscommunication with six system trends that are efficient and undetectable by guests. Text massaging, Blackberry-type devices and WiFi connectivity top the list.

Speed Solutions:

Payment Processing Update

Nicole Marie Richardson

The latest releases in payment technology show continued focus on wireless and contactless solutions that promote payment security and efficiency. Cell phone enabled applications and wireless credit card readers are just some of the solutions on the market.

In-Room Advantage:

The 'Wow' Factor

George Koroneos, Contributing Editor

Hotels raise the guest satisfaction bar with in-room technology that promotes a superior guest experience. From loaner iTOUCHs to the next generation of customer relationship management, operators aim to impress through personalization.

Killer Apps:

Hardee's Franchisee Streamlines Drive-Thru Efficiency

Clint Cooke, Sr. Director of Restaurant Systems, Boddie-Noell Enterprises, Inc.

Hardee's franchisee, Boddie-Noell, knows what it takes to fully manage its customers' drive-thru experiences. The use of real-time drive-thru timers is helping to shave down drive-thru wait times and provide management with individual store performance indicators.

Last Words:

What IT Execs Need to Do Now

Cihan Cobanoglu

IT executives that continue to push for technology objectives during an economic slowdown can increase efficiency and ride out the negative affects of the economy. Learn the top five priorities that all tech departments should focus on.

Vantage Point:

Hotels: Are you Maximizing Your CRS?

John Burns, President, Hospitality Technology Consulting

A hotel's central reservation system is the link to most sales opportunities. Learn how to boost bookings and revenue with a fine-tuned central reservations system.


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