November-December 2007

Cover Story:

Landmark Convergence

Bradley Schmidt

Bernard Gay, CIO of Kerzner International Bahamas, puts the Lost City resort at the forefront of hotel operations. Banking on the future of integration, Atlantis Resorts' new tower gets industry's largest converged network


Millenial Generation

Abigail A. Lorden • Editor

The year was 1999, and the technology and business worlds were buzzing with Y2K predictions of doom and gloom. Meanwhile, at computer terminals everywhere, a far more lasting change was taking place --one that would have the most profound impact on technology and business in decades. Scores of youth were logging on to their PCs and connecting with the world.

On Property:

Booking Profits Through Spa and Golf

Bradley Schmidt • Assistant Editor

Hotels maximize the revenue potential of their spas and golf courses with solid system integration and effective yield management tools.

Point of Service:

Top POS Software Trends

Viki Powers • Contributing Editor

The cell phone as the new credit card? It's coming. HT identifies these and other cutting-edge trends in the restaurant point of sale market. From text message payments to .NET technology, the latest POS solutions cater to tech-savvy customers

Service Systems:

Service Systems: Digital Signage

George Koroneos • Contributing Editor

Retailers could see a 45 percent sales lift by catching consumer attention through digital signage. Enterprising hotels and restaurants explore the possibilities.

In-Room Advantage:

Next-Gen Locking Systems

Lisa Terry • Contributing Editor

From RFID chips to access via cell phone, the latest advancements in locking systems are easy to use and boost security and reporting.

Last Words:

PCI What?

Cihan Cobanoglu

The hospitality industry's unsettling unfamiliarity with PCI Security Standards

Vantage Point:

Demand Forecasting Success

Jim Rozell • Contributing Editor

Demand-based operations will give hoteliers the most revenue management success


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