May 2011

Cover Story:

Reward Point Revolution

Christina Volpe, Associate Editor

For the 50-unit frozen dessert chain Tasti D-Lite, cross-department collaboration has spawned a customer engagement strategy that is helping to bridge the online/in-store gap. HT talks to VP of technology BJ Emerson about Tasti's social engagement roadmap, plus how the growing mobile and social trends are expected to change the face of loyalty as we know it.


Self-Service Reborn

Abigail A. Lorden, Editor-in-Chief

Study reveals that acceptance of self-service by hospitality organizations runs high when it is presented on the right platform: guests' own devices.

Property Wide:

2011 Property Management System Innovations

Vicki Powers, Contributing Editor

The mobile, social and cloud technology trends that are gaining prominence across much of the industry are finding their way into property management systems in 2011. HT taps the vendor community to learn about how these and other trends are shaping PMS technology.

Killer Apps:

CitizenM Reaps Benefits of Outsourcing

Michael Levie, COO citizenM Hotel Group

An outsourced network and virtual apps let citizenM Hotel Group focus on guests, and leave IT to the experts.

Last Words:

IT Then & Now: Have we Really Changed?

Cihan Cobanoglu, Ph.D., CHTP

Magazine from the 1980s reveals some wins, and some stalemates with hotel technology. Learn how guestroom energy control and more stack up.

Vantage Point:

Pick Your Intermediaries Wisely

Doug Carr, Executive Director of Distribution, Fairmont Raffles Hotels International

When it comes to hotel distribution, are direct-connect style systems the way to go? Doug Carr, executive director of distribution for Fairmont Raffles Hotels International weighs in.

Point of Sale:

Mobile POS Showdown

Lisa Terry, Contributing Editor

When it comes to mobile point-of-sale technology, are restaurants better off investing in tried-and-true commercial devices or consumer-grade solutions, such as iPads or smartphones? Operators weigh the pros and cons of price, durability, battery life and more.


2011 POS Showcase


Covering tableside ordering on the iPod touch to energy-saving printers, this annual supplement showcases the latest POS hardware and software solutions to hit the market.


2017 Multi-Unit Restaurant Technology Executive Summit