May 2009

Cover Story:

Hospitality in the Clouds

George Koroneos, Contributing Editor

Internet-hosted applications, commonly referred to as cloud computing, are poised to be technology's next "big thing," revolutionizing the way that businesses store and access information. With applications that cater to of bevy of functions, experts are predicting that 20 percent of what we do in IT will be hosted or "in the cloud" by 2013. HT de-clouds the hosted Web-service mystery to reveal what it is, and how hotels and restaurants can leverage this technology to promote efficiency and cost savings.


Technology Empowers at MURTEC

Abigail A. Lorden

In an time when work-related travel is limited, and executives are working with shrinking budgets and resources, MURTEC 2009 proved to be a powerful indicator that technology innovation is alive and well, and that the hospitality industry will survive and thrive in the months ahead.

Front Burner:

Cell Phone Coverage can Make or Break Hotel Bookings


In an economy where hoteliers cannot afford to lose one customer to a competitor, it is crucial that operators understand guest technology preferences and accommodate them. Two technologies that have a lot of influence on guests' decisions to return to a hotel: reliable cell phone coverage and high speed Internet access.

Point of Service:

POS Peripheral Update

Lisa Terry, Contributing Editor

Point of sale terminals may be the brains of the POS, but the peripherals are the true workhorses, interacting with humans to collect and deliver essential transactional data. HT delivers a round-up of the latest PIN Pads, printers, scanners and more.

Speed Solutions:

Is PCI Enough?

Christina Volpe, Associate Editor

Guaranteeing information security in the hospitality segment requires more than compliance with PCI standards. Learn the best practices to creating a culture of information security, from the ground up.

Intelligent Biz:

What's on the Menu?

Vicki Powers, Contributing Editor

Menu analysis tools are helping restaurateurs gauge the nutritional value of their menu while keeping inventory control costs in check. Operators discuss the must-have features every operator should look for when considering this solution.

Killer Apps:

Four Points by Sheraton Eliminates Room Allergens

Kevin Casey, Manager, Four Points by Sheraton Norwood Hotel & Conference Center

Hoteliers are well aware that a large number of travelers suffer from allergy related health issues. Learn how management for the Four Points by Sheraton created an entire allergy-friendly floor with the help of a revolutionary purification system.

Vantage Point:

Network Security Cost Cutter

Tom Hutchens, Senior PC Network Technician, K&W Cafeterias

Investing in managed network security to undertake some of the manual or repetitive tasks that face restaurateurs can increase efficiency, reduce staffing costs, and support business innovations. Here's how.


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