May 2008

Cover Story:

The World's Smartest Hamburger

Abigail A. Lorden

Fuddruckers embraces open communication, business intelligence and Internet bloggers in its quest for knowledge. Alan Watts, SVP of operations, offers an exclusive look at the tools and strategies that are helping the "Worlds Greatest Hamburger" become its smartest, too.

Front Burner:

Restaurant IT Directors Continue to Struggle with PCI Compliance, Survey Shows

Abigail A. Lorden

A new study shows that compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard remains confusing and expensive for restaurant IT directors. And many wonder that, even with the payment processing changes they're making, they're still not doing enough to protect themselves and their customers.

On Property:

Resort PMS: 10 Tips from Power Users

Lisa Terry

Resorts place greater a load on their property management systems than any other lodging operation. Learn how to leverage your PMS system to its fullest potential in the demanding resort environment.

Point of Service:

Online Ordering Know-How

Bradley Schmidt

Online ordering can allow restaurants to boost sales and streamline operations, but only if the rollout is done with smarts and care. Get the inside scoop on best-practices for your online ordering rollout from these experienced operators.

Speed Solutions:

New Payment Options

George Koroneos

When it comes to payment processing, the future is now (kind of). New technologies are helping restaurants get customers out the door with speed and efficiency, but do these new tools have what it takes to make contactless payment secure? HT takes a closer look.

In-Room Advantage:

Hotels Get Phone Savvy

Nicole Marie Richardson

IP technology and creative marketing boost the appeal of in-room telephone systems, making it possible for these seemingly obsolete devises to again become a valued part of the in-room package.

Killer Apps:

Holiday Inn Express Location Takes Time and Attendance to the Next Level

By Josh Hines, General Manager, Holiday Inn Express Wapakoneta

Time and attendance go high-tech at one Holiday Inn Express, thanks to proximity-based badges that are worn by staff members. The badges communicate with a payroll clock via radio frequency, adding accuracy and efficiency to the bottom line at this growing property.

Last Words:

Labor Management Demystified

Cihan Cobanoglu

The use of labor management technology is an effective method for controlling restaurant labor costs. Overcome labor management challenges with these must have features and functions.

Green: Do Guests Get It?

Cihan Cobanoglu

Research shows consumers like the idea of environmentally-conscious hotels, but only as long as they don't have to sacrifice comfortable amenities or spend more for a room night. Hotels and consumers alike need more education on the costs and benefits of going green.

Vantage Point:

Reflections of Green Hotelier

Wen-I Chang

The builder of America's first LEED Gold hotel reflects on the experience and significance of going green. His environmentally-conscious efforts are at the forefront of technological advancement and social responsibility.

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