March 2014

Cover Story:

How Boston Pizza is Redefining Loyalty

Abigail A. Lorden, Editor-in-Chief

Technology is helping Canada's number one casual dining chain shift its loyalty program from offering points to creating experiences. Boston Pizza recently completed an extensive assessment that revealed marketing dollars could be better allocated. A sophisticated technology infrastructure will be central to the company's new strategy. Alex Green, vice president of marketing, shares Boston Pizza's new plans for loyalty, the research findings that sparked the company's transformation, and what it's like for a marketing executive to jump head-first into technology strategy.


Practical Thoughts on the CIO Shift

Abigail A. Lorden, Editor-in-Chief

HT offers best practices to embrace the collaboration between technology and marketing.

Property Wide:

Breaking Through Cell Barriers

Tim Clark, Contributing Editor

Demands on hotels' cellular networks are greater than ever as guests expect consistent service for their multiple mobile devices. Offering superior cellular service for guests has emerged as a value-add opportunity for some hotels.

Intelligent Biz:

The Room Rate Balancing Act

Dorothy Creamer, Managing Editor

Proper pricing and distribution is a daily and hourly concern for hotels. Revenue managers discuss the latest technologies they are utilizing to increase visibility and drive value to their properties.  

Vantage Point:

Purpose Driven Technology Can Offer a First Class Experience

Gerard Greene, Co-Founder & CEO, YOTEL

YOTEL co-founder and CEO, Gerard Greene reveals how airline-inspired technology is streamlining operations and guest services for a budget-friendly luxury hotel experience.

Executive Insight:

Mobile Guest Management App Brings Robust Tools to Smaller Restaurants


Smaller restaurant operators aren't typically able to finance robust technology roll-outs. In this Q&A, Lee Leet, Founder & CEO of QSR Automations, talks about DineTime, the company's new mobile app that has right-sized robust guest management tools for smaller, independent restaurants.

Point of Sale:

Hotels & Restaurants Dabble in Mobile Payment

Jennifer Goforth Gregory, Contributing Editor

With consumers becoming more and more reliant on mobile technology in every aspect of their lives, customer-initiated mobile payments is a natural progression for both hotels and restaurants. In the hospitality sector adoption of costumer-initiated mobile payments remains slow but steady. Restaurants and hotels dabble in mobile wallet as they wait for technology standards in the U.S. to catch up with EMV.

Feature Stories:

Uno's Labor Optimization Project Gets High Marks from Managers &Staff

HT Magazine

At Uno Pizzeria & Grill, the management team was working to find a tool to implement and execute a labor process overhaul. A company-wide initiative was implemented to improve labor results in both bottom-line savings and staff satisfaction. Red Book Connect's Hot Schedules was implemented to help the company measure, manage and articulate the labor model, as well as offer ancillary benefits to managers and staff.


2014 Restaurant Technology Study


The survey's findings show that as budgets increase, opportunity emerges for restaurant technology to shift from responding to leading the business.


2017 Multi-Unit Restaurant Technology Executive Summit