June 2010

Cover Story:

Hilton's Innovation Acceleration

Abigail A. Lorden, Editor-in-Chief

In an exclusive Q&A, Robert Webb, CIO for Hilton Worldwide, shares how outsourcing certain elements of Hilton's IT infrastructure, while simultaneously reinvesting internally in other areas, is strengthening the company's global operations, generating substantial savings, and empowering growth across the Hilton portfolio.


Foursquare or be Square

Abigail A. Lorden, Editor-in-Chief

Although many of us may feel like we're just about at social-net overload, Foursquare is one tool that is full-on entrenched in the hospitality industry.

On Property:

2010 Property Management Innovations

Lisa Terry, Contributing Editor

In its annual round-up of new property management system technology, HT checks in with the vendor community to discover their latest releases and development plans. Web functionality, mobile applications and upgraded CRM modules are just some of the latest offerings.

Point of Service:

Combat Theft & Lost Profits

Vicki Powers, Contributing Editor

From advanced data analysis reporting capabilities to remote management solutions, operators dish on the technology solutions that are helping them to combat the three most common areas for profit loss.

In-Room Advantage:

Beware the Bandwidth Hogs

George L. Koroneos, Contributing Editor

In the ongoing debate over the paid versus free model of providing HSIA to hotel guestrooms, many operators are tapping into new ways to manage their bandwidth. Learn how the use of tiered pricing and active bandwidth management devices can help.

Killer Apps:

Marriott's Admin Goes Auto

Jeff Golding and Clay Hall, Senior Directors, Information Resources, Marriott International, Inc.

An automated invoicing system is helping Marriott to cut costs and streamline its workflow across 3,400 properties.

Last Words:

Tech Selection in Four Steps

Cihan Cobanoglu

By following a four-step systematic technology selection process, hotel and restaurant operators alike will be able to save big money, and avoid multiple hassles down the road. Here's how.

Vantage Point:

Social Teamworking

Brian Simpson, Director of Social Hospitality, The Roger Smith Hotel

While many hotel companies worry about monitoring employees versus utilizing them when it comes to social networking use, The Roger Smith Hotel in New York City has taken the stance of encouraging online engagement from all departments.


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