July-August 2014

Cover Story:

So you Want to be a CDO (or Not)?

Abigail Lorden, Editor-in-Chief

With the application of digital technologies, an executive leadership position is also emerging. The role of CDO or chief digital officer is proving to be one that's part technology, part marketing, and part business.

The Rise of Social Hospitality

Abigail A. Lorden, Editor-in-Chief and Dorothy Creamer, Managing Editor

Social media offers a sprawling, picture window view into consumer opinion, and hotels and restaurants have overwhelmingly joined the discussion. Managing social channels and the vast data they provide, however, is largely a manual, time intensive process. HT research has found that many hotels and restaurants struggle to measure and manage social activity; we anticipate social reputation management (SRM) technology will become increasingly important as the industry aims to build out integrations between social content and loyalty programs. In this special feature, HT talks to hotel and restaurant operators that are using SRM — including Domino's, Shangri-La Hotels and others — to get insight into the tools that are helping them manage and mine high-value social data.


Is Mobile Dependence the new Normal?

Abigail A. Lorden Editor-in-Chief Dorothy Creamer Managing Editor

As the demand for constant connectivity rises, so does the need to bridge the gap between business, technology and marketing. With this has come the emergence of a new executive – the chief digital officer – which is rapidly becoming a commonplace title next to CIO and CEO.

Property Wide:

Three Key Pieces to Data Security

Lin Grensing-Pophal, Contributing Editor

Privacy and security are hot issues these days, fueled by high-profile data breaches affecting companies like Target, and closer to home, Wyndham Worldwide. Hotels are seeking ways to bolster privacy policies with scanning and monitoring procedures. Technology plays a part, but can only be effective when coupled with rigorous training and transparent guest communication.

Executive Insight:

Convert Choice-Loving Consumers Into Loyal Guests


The same digital technologies that enable freedom-of-choice can be used to build lucrative guest loyalty. NCR's Sherry Shirah, director of consumer engagement solutions, offers guidance into how the same technologies that empower consumers – mobile, social and location-based – can also help restaurants build loyalty. Sponsored.

Sponsored Case Study:

Mobility & Stability Meet at the POS for Chop't


The need for stability and an open architecture that allows integration with consumer-facing technologies drove Chop't Creative Salad Company to team with Future POS.  Since the implementation, Future POS has helped Chop't's 25 locations keep transactions rolling while reducing repair and maintenance expense. Sponsored.

Point of Sale:

POS Integration Becoming a "Must-Have"

Tammy Mastroberte, Contributing Editor

From mobile payments and tablets, to real-time analytics and social loyalty, the technology wish list for many restaurant operators is expanding. However, without standards for creating open architecture between systems, integration is a challenge. HT talks to restaurant operators about how they’re expanding capabilities in a fragmented market.


2014 Customer Engagement Technology Study

HT Magazine

Hospitality Technology's "2014 Customer Engagement Technology Study" tracks the use and effectiveness of mobile, location-based, and social technologies in hotels and restaurants. Highlights include implementation plans for 2015, and details on how hotels and restaurants are using mobile and digital technologies to engage guests. Want to know what features are available on restaurant mobile websites and mobile apps? Or how hotels are managing and measuring social media? These insights and more are inside!


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