July-August 2007

Cover Story:

Fast and Fresh

George Koroneos

Take a stroll down Lexington Avenue in midtown Manhattan and you might be surprised by your dining options. No longer are you limited to a burger and fries; they've slowly been supplemented by hundreds of fast casual providers offering made-to-order salads, sandwiches, and even more exotic treats like Thai or Mexican. From Cosi to Europa, the goal is quick service in a relaxing atmosphere, and more often than not a healthier alternative.


2007 POS Software Scoreboard

Abigail A. Lorden

For the past three years, Hospitality Technology has published an annual Point of Sale Software Scoreboard with its July/August issue. The Scoreboard is based on results of a survey that asks HT readers and other IT users to evaluate POS software systems on a variety of criteria.

On Property:

Picture Perfect Staff

Lisa Terry, Contributing Editor

Five workforce management tactics that boost employee satisfaction

Point of Service:

Speed vs. Service

Bradley Schmidt, Assistant Editor

Fast casual restaurants use POS systems to maintain the speed-service balance

Speed Solutions:

A Managed Network

Mary L. Carlin, Contributing Editor

Restaurant operators dish on the strengths and snags of outsourced networks

Managing The Enterprise

Tammy Mastroberte, Contributing Editor

Restaurants remotely monitor all locations and get real-time data on sales, labor, loss and more

Killer Apps:

Easy Meetings

David Johnson, Corporate Dir. of Hotel Systems, Millennium Hotels & Resorts

Millennium Hotels streamlines event planning process

Last Words:

Guestroom of the future


Guestroom of the future gets practice run at U. Delaware The X-periment

Vantage Point:

Too much hotel technology?

Bradely Schmidt

Customer service goes a long way towards curing tech-frustrated hotel guests


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